A merchant cash advance is a financial product that is fast to underwrite and bad credit compatible. It works essentially as a purchase of a portion of a business’s future sales. Business owners get cash up front, and then repay their advance as a percentage of the sales they make over time, allowing them to get cash fast and expand their business without damaging their cash flows.

A cash advance is based on a business’s sales, as demonstrated in their most current three months of bank statements. That and a short application is all business owners need to submit in order to begin a relationship. After their initial advance is 70% repaid, they become eligible for another round of financing, with a higher approval, better rate, or both. Over time, they are able to grow their financing options along with their business.


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With the ability to fund 2nd position deals and support that makes it easy to stay on top of renewals, Kings Cash Group can effectively eliminate waste in a portfolio and turn declines into streams of residual income. For more information on how a partnership with Kings Cash Group can unlock your true earning potential, contact us now:

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